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Thank you for your interest in What a crazy first year it has been!  To think that in the first year of teaching my methods my players have already won the U.S. Junior, U.S. Amateur, and NCAA Championship (to name just a few events) is mind boggling.

I have been overwhelmed with requests for information, videos, and seminars.  I certainly owe both a “thank you” as well as an “I’m sorry” to all who have been eager for us to work together.  It has been a bit of a challenge deciding on the best method – to reach the most players – as effectively and efficiently as possible.

When I created the DECADE Strategy System, I was doing it for my own game.  Only due to the immediate success of the first few players I worked with did it become obvious I was very good at filling a massive hole in the way golf is taught.

Golf is probably the least effectively taught game in the world.  I can’t think of another sport that is taught almost exclusively without actually being played.  Golf, for the most part, is taught with a focus purely on swing mechanics on a driving range that hardly resembles an actual golf course.  An analogy I often use relates to football.  Football practice typically involves the mechanics of blocking, tackling, and passing.  However, football practice also consists of running plays and scrimmaging, a key ingredient toward actually winning games.  Golf instruction for the most part only teaches the blocking and tackling, never really teaching how the game is played.  How do you think a football team would fare if they only worked on blocking and tackling and played a game against a team that also ran scrimmages?

I don’t fault teaching professionals or students for this massive flaw.  Golf is an individual game that takes a long time to play.  To go out for a playing lesson one of two things has to happen: the student either pays the teacher their hourly rate for four hours (YIKES), or the teacher is expected to simply donate some portion of their valuable time to the student (OUCH).  Neither of those scenarios is consistently possible so the golfer is typically left on their own to figure out how to play and score.

From what I’ve seen, that isn’t working.

Initially my plan was to work with college coaches and players at the same time.  The NCAA ruled in November 2015 that format is in violation of their rules (calling my seminar an “unfair competitive advantage” – thanks for the compliment!).  My understanding was that as long as the seminar is completely indoors it would be allowed.  With that decision it has been a scramble trying to reorganize and decide on the most effective use of my time, and my players’ time and money, while still delivering the best experience possible in golf instruction.

I then began offering regional seminars to coincide with my schedule of college coaches seminars.  I now work with college coaches one day and host a general public seminar the following day.

This format was progressing nicely until the unthinkable happened.  In April 2016 my sister was murdered.  Her son suffered two massive concussions in quick succession two years ago and has been struggling quite a bit since.   One morning he snapped and took her life, his brothers life, and then his own.  Obviously it has been a rough few months since this tragic event.

My plan was to host multi-day camps in Dallas this summer, but I simply didn’t do a whole lot of planning in April or May as I’m sure you can imagine.  I am now slowly getting back to work and have formed a partnership with BirdieFire to create a website that teaches my strategy AND calculates ACTIONABLE statistics.  Not basic (relatively useless) statistics like most sites track.  We will track stats that actually lead to LOWER SCORES.  Crazy, I know.

The beta version of the site is AMAZING and I can’t wait to start collecting data and help players shoot the scores their skill set deserves!

Keep and on your favorites tab and get ready to reach your goals and attain your dreams!

As always, this is only the beginning….WHO’S NEXT!?!?!?!?