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What is the DECADE System?

The DECADE Course Management System, created by Scott Fawcett, has solved golf strategy by combining shot distribution patterns and PGA Tour scoring statistics. When Scott combined those two data sets he created a simple way to optimize target selection. Good players know if a pin is closely guarded by a lake to favor the center of the green – but how much? DECADE quickly generates the optimal target that will produce the lowest score based on distance, hazards, and hole location.

DECADE in action is a simple process that does all the work for you. Millions of shots were analyzed to determine the optimal target for any shot.  The result is an easy addition to your routine that actually takes less time than the typical process of selecting a target…if one is even selected!  One of the main reasons golfers tend to peak later than athletes in other sports is due to the fact it takes a long time to learn proper strategy.  Not any more!  Don’t take a decade to learn proper strategy, learn the DECADE System in a day!

Immediate Success!

A Dallas junior was the first player to put the DECADE Course Management System into action in the Summer of 2014.  How did it go?  He vaulted from being ranked outside the top 3,000 to #3 in the world in THREE MONTHS!  Along the way he won the U.S. Junior Championship, the Texas Amateur, the Trans-Miss Championship, and made it to the Round of 16 at the U.S. Amateur.  He went on to win his first collegiate event that Fall as a Freshmen at the Bank of Tennessee Intercollegiate.

Early Rave Reviews!

DECADE is scheduled to be released in early 2016.  As Scott entered the final stages of development he sought feedback from his friends from his professional playing days.  AMAZINGLY, 100% of the players Scott showed early versions of the system to put it into play immediately.

Background Story

Why write an introduction when the great Curt Sampson already has!  Click link for full history of the DECADE Strategy System.


Early adopters include:

LPGA and PGA Tour Major Champions

Six US Amateur Champions

Five NCAA Individual Champions

Ryder Cup Captains and Players

Walker Cup, Solheim Cup, Curtis Cup, & Palmer Cup Players

Countless Club Champions & First Time Breaking 80 Players!

DECADE can help anyone improve and stop wasting shots every round