DECADE Can Help Everyone

Junior Golfers

“I started using DECADE this season – helped me get exempt on the AJGA, won a junior golf event in Illinois, and got to top 80 in the country for my class. Owe it all to your program. Will use it forever.”

– Nicolas S.

80s Shooters

“Scott, I went from an 8.8 handicap index in 2018 to now a +.4 (best was +1.2). I listen to or watch all the content you put out, subscribe to all your services, and have implemented everything. My ascension in my golf game truly shows that DECADE works.”

– Daniel K.

Scratch Golfers

“Been on DECADE for three seasons. Improving from a 4 to a +1 handicap. I went from never playing competitive golf to now being competitive in state amateur tournaments. DECADE gave me a system I can trust. It has taught me the power and advantage of a strong mental game.”

– Robby H.

College Golfers

“I’m a D3 college player who came into college talented, but undeveloped, with no real sense of how to get better. DECADE provided me with a roadmap for how to improve the aspects of my game that were costing me shots as well as teaching me to have the best course management possible.”

– Sean S.

Tour Players

“I started using DECADE in the fall of 2019 after the Korn Ferry Tour season. I saw my scoring average go from 70.47 to 69.67 in less than a year. At the professional level, that kind of jump is what it takes to make the leap to the PGA Tour!”

– Joseph W.

What Can You Expect

Elite junior or amateur players often experience the frustration of making a great golf swing at a low percentage target with less than desired results. The DECADE system offers players a methodology to easily select optimal targets that consider the entire shot pattern.

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